Research Papers

   Carbon nanotubes, nanorings, and nanospheres: Synthesis and fabrication via chemical vapor deposition—a review

  Mullitisation Behaviour of South Indian Clays.

  Mullitisation Behaviour of Calcined Clay–Alumina Mixtures.

  Effect of MgO, Y2O3 and Boehmite Additives on the Sintering Behaviour of Mullite Formed from Kaolinite-Reactive Alumina.

  Mullite from Clay–Reactive Alumina for Insulating Substrate Application.

  Influence of the intermixed inter facial layers on the thermal cycling behaviour of atmospheric plasma sprayed lanthanum zirconate based coatings.

  Understanding the dry sliding wear behaviour of atmospheric plasma-sprayed rare earth oxide coatings.

  Construction of Versatile Advanced Micro Processor based Controller for Spray Pyrolysis Unit and Study of Characterization of Nano Crystalline Tin      Oxide (SnO2) ThinFilms.

  Effect of chemical vapor deposition parameters on the diameter of multi-walled carbon nanotubes.

  In situ synthesis of multi-walled carbon nanorings by catalytic chemical vapor deposition process.

  Optimizing Chemical Vapor Deposition Parameters to Attain Minimum Diameter Carbon Nano Tubes by Response Surface Methodology.

  Developing Empirical Relationship to Predict the Diameter of Multiwall Carbon Nano Tubes (MWCNTs) Synthesized by Chemical Vapor Deposition      (CVD) Process. Manufacturing Technology Today.

  Rapid synthesis of eggshell derived hydroxyapatite with nanoscale characteristics for biomedical applications